SKAARHOJ is owned and enthusiastically operated by Bjørn Thorup, Georgi Yankov and Kasper Skårhøj out of the Copenhagen area in the Kingdom of Denmark. Our charming country has a prince and a princess, green pastures, blond girls, some 16+ million slaugtherpigs and now also universal broadcast controllers, thanks to us! We are pretty new in this hardware business, but backed by a long tradition for quality and dedication through Kaspers excellent career in the international open source community (being the founder of web CMS TYPO3). Together we and our fantastic employees are a strong team bringing radically customized control solutions to the broadcast market.


XC Series

MC Series

Micro Series

C10 Remote

C15 Remote

C20 Remote

E21-TVS MII Pocket Controller

E21 Pocket Controllers

E21-CMB6 MII Pocket Controller

C31 Pocket Controller

E201-M16 Desktop Controller

C201 Desktop Controller

C90 MII Rack Controller

C90R Rack Controller

C90D Rack Controller

C90A Rack Controller


RCP Mini

ATEM CCU for BMD Cameras

ATEM CCU Lite for BMD Cameras

Tally Box System


SDI-B4 Link

ETH-B4 Link