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 tvONE (, innovator and manufacturer of the ONErack power and rack mounting solution, announces the growing list of manufacturers that have joined the ONErack Alliance, formally approving ONErack as an accepted alternative to supplied power adapters. AV Integrators and Service Engineers use ONErack to build and service cleaner, more functional racks than standard solutions allow. The ONErack’s front and rear access provides uniform cable management, and unlike proprietary rack kits or traditional rack mounting methods like a shelf, the ONErack allows high-density mounting in three different chassis sizes, provides seven different voltages, and cooling within each ONErack chassis. Service is accelerated by allowing technicians to slide modules holding devices in and out without stripping the rack. “ONErack Alliance members reinforce our high level of confidence in the ONErack solution,” states Mark Armon, Global Product Manager for tvONE, “Manufacturers that sign onto the ONErack Alliance formally agree that ONErack will not void their product warranty.” Fourteen manufacturers currently approve the ONErack as an acceptable alternative to supplied power adapters, including BrightSign, Camplex, Covid, DVI Gear, EvertzAV, Gefen, Green Hippo, Key Digital, Kramer, Magenta, Nortek, Ocean Matrix, Sescom, and tvONE. The ONErack chassis is available in 4RU, 5RU and 6RU and can hold up to 16 modules with up to 2 voltage selectors each. When using the ONErack power supply, each voltage selector can provide selectable power @ 5v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v, 13.5, 18v, 24v up to 35 watts. A pass thru is available for custom power sources. Each ONErack chassis can include 1 or more 250-watt power supplies that can feed additional chassis to allow for a clean power solution for all mounted devices. Close the front of your ONErack with a fan cover and keep it all cool. Mount 64 devices in just 5RU, powered and cooled! Interested in joining the ONErack Alliance? Click here.