Marshall Electronics

For over 30 years, Marshall has been a trusted provider of high quality and reliable video, audio and multimedia systems for Broadcast Video, Pro A/V, Pro Audio and OEM applications worldwide. Marshall is dedicated to supplying the Pro A/V market with innovative POV and PTZ cameras, format converters, conferencing microphones and production equipment at great value without sacrificing quality or reliability. Marshall Electronics, Inc. operates manufacturing facilities in the US, China, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Miniature HD Cameras

Marshall Miniature HD Cameras deliver broadcast quality video in ultra-small, durable housings, able to be fit into discreet places with interchangeable lenses and remote adjust-and-match capability. Marshall also offers a wide selection of high quality M12 prime and varifocal lenses to meet the individual needs of the production, project, or application..

Compact HD/UHD/4K Cameras

Our Compact Cameras offer broadcast quality video performance, AOV/FOV flexibility, simultaneous output formats, remote adjust-and-match features, and durable build quality at affordable price points.

PTZ Cameras

Marshall Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras offer crisp broadcast-quality images up to UHD (4K) resolution with smooth, synchronous movements controllable from IR remote, professional grade joysticks, or video management software.

AV over IP  & NDI Cameras

Marshall IP Cameras provide up to Ultra-HD resolution at 60fps with simultaneous 12GSDI, HDMI and IP streams. Offering H.264, H.265 (HEVC), SRT and NDI® versions for seamless integration into a variety of workflows.
Our NDI Cameras use a standard protocol for ultra-low latency, lossless transmission, and interactive control over IP networks. NDI is a flexible and versatile solution that allows many video sources over network, as the future of video evolves toward more network-based distribution methods. Over ordinary Ethernet networks, NDI enables high-quality, low-latency, frame-accurate video maintaining the high quality of the camera source.

Video & Audio Monitors

Marshall has a range of  Video Monitors perfect for fly-packs, control rooms, broadcast trucks, routing rooms and countless other video system applications. From rack mount units feature-packed with Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope, Audio Phase, HDR modes to 24″ rack mount units.

We also have you covered for Multichannel Digital Audio Monitor analysis, and professional QC monitoring of analog, digital, and networked audio sources. Models like the AR-DM61-BT-64DT’s slim 1RU design includes powerful stereo speakers, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and multiple convenient display modes whilst also decoding Dante and Dolby.