We are happy to announce the update to Metus INGEST.

This update includes GPU-based JPEG2000 codec support from Comprimato which allows for multi-channel ingest of SD, HD and 4k sources to JPEG2000 in Lossy, Visually Lossless and Mathemetically Lossless formats. With Comprimato’s GPU-based JPEG2000 technology integrated into Ingest, Metus offers faster encoding with highest image quality. When encoding JPEG2000 contained MXF OP1a media files, Metus INGEST can reduce overall workflow processing by as much as 50%.

Current Metus users with installations already running can easily upgrade their Ingest license to include JPEG2000 codec.
With its competitive price and multi-input function, Metus INGEST is a strong candidate for leading the JPEG2000 encoding market.

Locally, Corsair Solutions will be offering valuable turnkey options for archiving film, video and historical materials. Based on HP workstations and powered by nVidia Quadro GPUs, full turnkey ingest capabilities are available on request.

  • 1 Channel System with up to 6G SDI input (capable of 1.5G/3G/6G SDI)
  • 2 Channel System with up to 6G SDI input (capable of 2x 3G/1.5G, 1x 6G)
  • 4 Channel System with up to 3G-SDI input (capable of 4x 1.5G or 2x 3G)
  • 8 Channel System with up to 3G-SDI input (capable of 8x SD-SDI, 4x 1.5G or 2x 3G)

All models will feature RS-422 VTR control as well as video input.


New features in Metus INGEST include:
  •  AJA deck control (RS-422) support is added
  • Frame accurate VTR control is added (The source video must contain timecode).
  • MOV Container support for NVENC compressions.
  • Deinterlace option is added to NVENC compressions.
  • Audio mixer algorithm is improved.
  • Deinterlace options are enchanced for Intel profiles.
  • Querying encoder signal status command is added to telnet API.
  • Deltacast Companion LTC card support is added.
A new mobile app: Metus INGEST Remote Controller

A new mobile App is now available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store to control your INGEST Servers.

The application has been re-designed to remote control Metus INGEST. With just a few taps on your mobile device, you can remote the INGEST workstations on the same network, wirelessly. You can start, stop, pause your video/audio sources, monitor activity, settings and system performance.