Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 18, 2019 –Lumens® Digital Optics Inc. today introduced the CaptureVision System LC200 which is an innovative media processor, and a cost-effective upgrade from the previous model VS-LC102.

It is designed for recording, saving videos and creating live streams for any audience. The LC200 allows users to record videos at Full HD 1080p, and easily mix, encode and switch between video sources, add overlays and background at the user’s preference and broadcast the mixed videos to various social platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Kaltura, Panopto, etc.

It supports capturing various video sources from up to four HDMI or three IP video input sources including HDMI inputs, Lumens IP Camera, NDI|HX Camera and standard RTSP streams. Together with four line-in / Mic-in inputs, the LC200 is able to provide a complete audiovisual experience for audiences, and is ideal to serve as a core system in lecture capture, event recording and streaming.

Equipped with an intuitive Multi-view director, users can roll out user-defined scenes that contain Picture-in-Picture, Picture-Behind-Picture layout, title, logo, overlays and pleasing backgrounds. This value-added built-in software helps ease the work on video editing, capture the attention of viewers and increases audience engagement in the event. This model offers one Terabyte of internal hard drive storage to accommodate more A/V content, as well as support storing media in the external USB devices. Moreover, with the scheduling feature, users can schedule important events to record and stream the video content through Outlook or Google Calendar.

“There are several upgrades on the LC200 compared to the last model. We increased two more HDMI inputs and it supports streaming to three channels concurrently. Also, it enables the value-added advanced scene switcher for users to get control in their video making,” said Lumens Dir. of Product Management, Steven Liang. “The LC200 can be used in many professional situations. With professional AV sources equipment, corporations can live stream an event or record training material. Educational institutions can capture lectures for those students who are unable to attend classes. Religious institutions can live stream a sermon to spread ministry all over the world, record services or special events.”

Availability: The LC200 is available now.

Information: For more information about Lumens, visit: www.MyLumens.com

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