New – Flash Multicast, Enhanced Live Webcasting, Cisco & WebEx Integrations!

Rev v7.6 brings the best of consumer-grade web and cloud technologies to enterprise video, giving you a modern, cloud-scalable and streamlined platform for your executive live webcasting and enterprise YouTube applications.

In our latest platform release – Rev raises the bar another notch – with new features and capabilities that you, and the world’s largest video users, have asked for.

Highlights of our latest release include:

flashicon.png Native Flash Multicast
VBrick’s native Flash multicast lets organizations deliver multicast streams, with AES encryption, without having to purchase and integrate their own Adobe Media Server or requiring viewers to install third-party applications or services; they can just use the Flash player already on their desktops.VBrick now offers the industry’s best enterprise multicasting solution, filling a crucial technology gap for organizations using Microsoft’s Windows Media and Silverlight.
Enhanced Live Webcasting
Rev’s new Team Moderated Q&A lets several moderators handle the flood of questions during Town Halls and other events, and answer them directly, push to presenter, and store questions and responses. This feature embraces best practices requested by large-scale webcasting users frustrated by the limitations of traditional moderated Q&A!
Cisco TCS and WebEx integration
A huge benefit of VBrick’s partnership with Cisco is the ability to co-develop integrations with Cisco environments that go well beyond what other streaming services claim. Today, VBrick is proud to announce the integrated ingest and publishing of WebEx sessions into Rev! Now, WebEx sessions can be included alongside captured video events and sessions originating from Cisco endpoints via Rev’s seamless integration with the TelePresence Content Server!



This is on top of the exciting capabilities our customers and industry analysts are raving about, including Rev’s:

  • Modern, responsive design – which delights and dazzles viewers, resizing to fit any device – from laptop to smartphone
  • Multitenancy – so spinning up portals foryour partners, customers, patients or students is built into Rev’s architecture
  • Public video hosting – so you can reduce reliance on costly, third-party services for your website videos
  • …and much more!