HERNDON, VA, June 6, 2015 – VBrick today announced a new release of its cloud-native enterprise video platform, Rev, that further enables organizations to leverage a hybrid solution that offers the scalability and performance benefits of the cloud for video management coupled with security and economic benefits of delivering video over the corporate network.

As the industry’s first, cloud-native solution for enterprise video, VBrick Rev enables customers to elastically use computing resources for large-audience live webcasting and vast libraries of recorded videos from virtually any source – from videoconferencing end points to smartphones.

Through its unique architecture and hybrid approach, Rev enables organizations to unleash the power of video to educate, inform and inspire employees anywhere and on any device. The platform’s consumer-grade interface increases engagement and adoption by delivering the same kind of experience employees expect from their use of video and social media sites.

In its latest release, Rev now enables Cisco customers to use their Cisco Telepresence Servers (TCS) for two major use cases: live webcasting (and recording) with TCS as the streaming source, and the ingest of recorded videoconferencing session files for management and playback via Rev.  The release follows last month’s market announcement by Cisco of the availability of VBrick Rev and VBrick Distributed Media Engine (DME) to Cisco’s customers as Cisco’s ‘go forward’ enterprise video offering, replacing Cisco Show and Share. This summer, Cisco also plans to release TCS 6.2.1, which will include embedded settings enabling direct webcasting and VOD publishing to Rev.

“We’ve experienced exceptional demand from users who have welcomed our cloud-first approach, and our user-based pricing, for enterprise video communication,” said Shelly Heiden. “Our customers are delighted at how rapidly they can have Rev up and running, and at the quality of our live streaming and our dynamic, mobile-friendly portal. Rev’s new Cisco integration capabilities further enable us to bring scalable streaming into the video environments customers already use, and look forward to continued, accelerated adoption,” Heiden said.

About VBrick

VBrick pioneered the next-generation of enterprise video through its Rev® cloud-native platform. Named the market leader in Enterprise Video Webcasting by industry analysts Frost and Sullivan, VBrick’s application platform allows organizations to use video ubiquitously by converting it into bandwidth-efficient streams that can be securely viewed through a web browser from any connected device.  Built to leverage any cloud platform, organizations can reach audiences in the tens of thousands, compared with a few hundred using traditional webconferencing services. VBrick Rev enables organizations to centrally integrate all of their video sources, including video conferencing and unified communications, while delivering a dynamic, consumer-grade experience for employees. For more information on VBrick, go to www.VBrick.com.

VBrick and Rev are trademarks of VBrick Systems, Inc., USA.

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