ATLANTA, GA – JUNE 2, 2015 – Visix, Inc. has launched a new mobile wayfinding app for smartphones. The app can be used as an extension of traditional kiosk-based wayfinding or as a stand-alone solution.

“We’ve had great success providing interactive wayfinding for touchscreen kiosks. But, what happens when someone doesn’t know how to find your kiosk, or after they walk away from the screen?” says Jill Perardi, Creative Services Manager for Visix. “We saw a need to expand audience coverage and provide a fun, mobile-friendly option for visitors. This app is a great way to expand both wayfinding and messaging services for an improved guest experience at colleges, corporate campuses and healthcare facilities.”

Each app is custom branded and uses photography from the client’s facility. The app communicates with proximity beacons that are placed at directional milestones throughout a building. As visitors walk through, beacons report their arrival at key areas, and the app provides turn-by-turn directions paired with photos from the facility. The battery-powered proximity beacons use Bluetooth to communicate with both iOS and Android devices. They cover a range of up to 150 feet, are completely wireless and easy to mount.

The app also leverages a macro-location technology called geofencing that draws a perimeter around a specified area. Powered by a smartphone’s GPS, the app knows when the geofence is penetrated, and it then sends a push notification to that person’s phone. This allows clients to give visitors directions from the parking lot to any space on campus.

Clients can also deliver directories, announcements and other content within the mobile app. This allows the app to be paired with other digital signage strategies for improved audience engagement.

Parties interested in pricing or specifications for the app should contact

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