January 9, 2018 — Z CAM™ announced today the launch of Z CAM K1 Pro, its first cinematic VR180 camera format certified by Google

Google is driving the VR180 video format and supports it on YouTube​ and Google Photos. When ​viewed in a VR headset​, the immersive experience of 3D stereoscopic effect and 180º field of view is simply stunning. Z CAM K1 Pro is equipped with dual professional fisheye lens and dual Sony 4/3″ CMOS image sensor. Coordinated auto exposure (AE) and auto white balance (AWB) enables Z CAM K1 Pro to deliver high quality VR180 videos of up to 6K resolution with the aid of Z CAM™ WonderStitch — Z CAM™’s stitching software solution. Built in Wi-Fi and ethernet port allows remote control and live viewing through iPhone/iPad or computers.

The emergence of live streaming applications and new media consumption, will definitely entice producers and consumers to embrace the VR180 format. With Z CAM WonderLive — a live streaming software solution (using recommended PC configuration), Z CAM K1 Pro supports live streaming of VR180 video

Z CAM™ is a global leader in the professional VR camera market that strives for excellence and superior quality.


VR180 Format Camera Front2VR180 Format Camera Front VR180 Format Rear