Magewell was founded in 2011 as an R&D center and manufacturer of video capture devices. We have been breaking boundaries ever since, expanding our technologies to live streaming, encoding and playout as well as embedded systems for video processing. Our solutions are widely deployed around the world for applications including live streaming, broadcast production, video conferencing, lecture capture, medical imaging, security, machine vision, gaming, virtual reality production and many more.

In addition to empowering end-users, our products are also incorporated into a wide range of third-party solutions on an OEM basis by other industry-leading manufacturers. Our products are available globally through our valued channel partners including distributors, resellers and systems integrators.

Our Values
To ensure we meet our customers’ expectations and needs, we are guided by five core principles:

Ongoing innovation
Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither does Magewell. We’re continually innovating to develop unique, professional products that keep our users at the forefront of the technology curve.

Superior user experiences
Our goal is to make high-quality video production and delivery simpler and more accessible, with outstanding ease of use that makes our products enjoyable to work with.

Embracing standards
Technical standards are crucial for enabling seamless video interoperability. New standards are evolving constantly, and we are committed to developing practical products that enable users to take advantage of them quickly and effectively.

Outstanding support
No matter how easy our solutions are to use, customers may need assistance for either our products or their overall workflow. We provide superior tech support to help our users achieve their goals.

Listening to our users
We’re driven by helping our customers succeed, so we value their feedback and aim to respond to their needs.


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