SANTA CLARA, Calif.—GPU Technology Conference—March 26, 2018 — Z CAM™ today announced the new 10-lens structure Z CAM V1 Professional VR Camera, capable of delivering 7K 30fps / 6K 60fps, stereoscopic 360º VR while allowing closer proximity due to its small form factor.

The successful launch of Z CAM V1 Pro Cinematic VR Camera last year has been highly appreciated by VR professionals. Its superb image quality, excellent low-light performance and dynamic range with such a small form factor are best in class. A number of major VR productions have been shot on Z CAM V1 Pro, including the “Elton John – Farewell Yellow Brick Road: The Legacy (VR360)“.

“Following the success of Z CAM V1 Pro, which supports 8K 30fps and 4K 60fps, VR professionals have been asking for high frame rates at higher resolution. Z CAM V1 is our answer to that. ​It​ is capable of delivering 6K, 60fps, stereoscopic 360º VR in an even smaller form factor, allowing closer proximity,” said ​Kinson Loo​, ​CEO​ of Z CAM.

​”The 10-lens structure gives a lot of overlap, which is crucial to produce high-quality stereoscopic 360º VR. Furthermore, Z CAM V1 is equipped with an exclusively designed 190º near-perfect equidistant fisheye lens​, with excellent MTF performance providing sharp resolution from its center all the way to outer edges,” added Jason Zhang, Founder & Chairman of Z CAM.

Z CAM WonderStitch stereoscopic stitching software solution is available for Z CAM V1 users for free. Z CAM WonderLive software solution, which leverages the NVIDIA® VRWorks™ 360 Video SDK to enable live streaming high-quality, 360º stereo video, is also available to support live streaming of both mono and stereo 360 VR.

“The ability to get up close to the action and live stream high-fidelity 360º VR from a small form factor takes live event production to the next level,” says Jason Paul, General Manager, Gaming Software and Virtual Reality, NVIDIA. “Our VRWorks 360 Video SDK makes it easy for VR developers and content creators to easily live capture and stitch across 10 lenses for the most amazing live-productions.”

Z CAM is a leader in the professional VR camera market globally, and strives to become a global leader of professional camera in the new media era.